Welcome to Michigan Okinawa Kenjinkai! Our club’s main goal is to preserve Okinawa’s culture and to build friendships with Okinawans living in the state of Michigan. When first established in 2004, Michigan Okinawa Kenjinkai had a total of 13 members. Our membership is now close to 80 members strong.

   We have two main events during the year; a New Year’s Party in the spring and a picnic in the summer. Both events feature Okinawan food, dancing and music.

   Our club also has different groups if you are interested in learning Eisa (drum dance), Okinawan cultural dance and Sanshin. All members are encouraged to participate in these activities.

   We welcome all people interested in the culture of Okinawa to our club. You do not need to be of Okinawan descent to become a member.

   Our club is a registered non-profit organization with the U.S. government and is also registered with the government of Okinawa.

5th World Wide Uchinanchu Festival

Opening Ceremony Videos